About us

JPS society is the first specialized society in Jordan Medical Association, established in 1962 by the following pioneer founders:
1 – The late Dr. Salah Anabtawi
2 – The late Dr. George Atallah
3 – Dr. Hassan Pharon
4 – Dr. Haidar Abu-Ghazaleh
5 – Dr. Yahya Wahbah
6 – Dr. Amin Mjaj
7 – Dr. Fouad Taher
8 – Dr. Hassan Al-Dajani

JPS Society headed by the following distinguished colleagues:
1 – The late Dr. Amin Mjaj (first President of JPS)
2 – The late Dr. George Atallah
3 – Dr. Hassan Pharon
4 – DR. Haidar Abu-Ghazaleh
5 – Dr. Saad Hijazi
6 – Dr. Farouk Al-Khatib
7 – Dr. Mahdi Abu Dhahab
8 – Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Qudah
9 – Dr. Said Al-Azab
10 – Dr. Ali Attia Matti
11 – Dr. Ali El-Halabi
12 – Dr. Basem Al Zoubi
13 – Dr. Ali El-Halabi


JPS in words:
It is the biggest society by its members (around 650 registrars).
Held eleventh scientific conferences, the first one was in Jerusalem in 1966 and the last one was in Amman in 2006.
Organized the conference of the Union of Arab pediatricians in 1995, 2006 and preparing for it this year 2009.
Has regular and varied scientific activities.
Has a good relation with other societies in Jordan Medical Association.
Has good connection with the Arab unions committees and with various other associations.
Has a special social program aiming to strengthen closer relations between the members.
JPS awarded ex- founders and ex- chairmen.
In conferences and in the social activities JPS honoring of former members who went on a 25-year affiliation and more in the society.
JPS launched its website www.jps.org.jo

Society seeks to strengthen closer relations among members through meetings and social activities in the various events and tours and entertainment.
To represent Jordan at various levels, JPS members take part in the regional and international scientific researches and activities.
JPS society participates in all activities of the Association and committees of interest to doctors and the profession in general.
JPS was formed specialized committees such as: GI, Neonatology, the Rights of the Child Health and recently, the vaccines committee.
JPS examine the complaints received about the medical problems and respond to them.
JPS circulars on all matters relating to their activities and conferences of interest to the local or foreign, or any instructions received from the Ministry of Health or any other professional news is important.

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